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Sprint Booster Ultimate Control

Since the inception of drive-by-wire technology, drivers have been disappointed with the inherent throttle delay associated with the system.
This is why Boulekos Dynamic developed Sprint Booster and proudly brought the product to the market in 2005.
Sprint Booster is the first and leading product in the industry to improve throttle response by reprogramming the acceleration signals and has managed to gain hundreds of thousands of happy customers throughout all those years.
It has been honored with one of the most important awards in aftermarket industry , the ‘SEMA BEST NEW PERFORMANCE-STREET PRODUCT 2010’ award among 1400 new products that year, as well as numerous ‘SEMA GLOBAL MEDIA AWARDS’ in subsequent years as voted by a group of international Journalists from automotive media around the world (28 judges from 16 key automotive markets)
In September 2016, we were excited to offer the third generation of Sprint Booster with new innovations and features that guarantee to enhance the driving experience.
Sprint Booster is manufactured in Greece and it’s been exported to more than 40 countries around the world during the intervening years. It is protected by a patent (GR1005429) in front of OBI (patent office in Greece) as well as internationally by patent application in front of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT/ WO2007066155 ) and granted patents (US 8,706,373, EP1957310, AU2006323461, CN101341042B, CA 2630863, KR101372166, ZA200804576, MX2008007365, RU2427481).
Sprint Booster has successfully passed the TUV tests and it is certified with European Conformity type approval (EC type approval mark No e24031712).
For the America’s, Johnston Research & Performance, Inc. is the exclusive importer and warehouse distributor for Sprint Booster.

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